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Privacy Policy


OptimumISP's Privacy Statement is designed to provide you with our policies and procedures concerning the privacy practices for the entire OptimumISP corporate web site.

Our company wants to demonstrate its commitment to your privacy by fully disclosing what our web site and systems collect as user information and how we use that information. EVERY WEB SITE on the Internet collects certain information about your connection to their web site. OptimumISP, unlike many other companies, wants you to know exactly how we handle this information.

PLEASE NOTE: The OptimumISP web site contains links and extensions to other sites that are not part of OptimumISP's web site or under OptimumISP's direct control. If you follow (click on) any of these links, this Privacy Statement will not apply

If you have any questions regarding this statement you should feel free to direct the question to our legal group at

When you visit, what information do we gather about you?

All web servers, the devices that provide you with web page content, collect and log certain information about your connection. Web servers log IP addresses, web browser type used, time and duration information, among other technical aspects of your connection. Remember, ALL web sites can log this information.

What information is NOT collected?

Unless you specifically and purposely fill-in forms, or answer surveys on the OptimumISP site, you have not transferred any personal information, such as email address, real name or telephone numbers. THIS IS TRUE of any web site. OptimumISP does not use "cookies" to set or remember any information about you or your system on our corporate web site. "Cookies" are not necessarily a bad thing, they can make your Internet experience more enjoyable at certain sites. OptimumISP's customer jumpstart page is a joint effort Looksmart and us. This page uses cookies to allow you to customize your on-line experience.

What does OptimumISP do with the information it collects?

Our web department and our management look at the data from the OptimumISP web site mostly to help provide world-class performance to our customers. This information, when taken in the aggregate, is most useful when a web site tries to predict growth and future upgrades.

We CAN NOT identify a specific user by real name, email address or other personal information; that type of data is simply not transmitted by you and therefore cannot be stored.

Does OptimumISP provide the information it collects with anyone? More specifically, does OptimumISP ever sell any information to third parties?

NO. OptimumISP never releases any information to third parties about our web server traffic, or about our private customer records that are part of our normal customer accounting.

OptimumISP will fully cooperate with local, state and federal authorities when criminal or other legal investigations are associated with our company's records or our users. THIS IS THE LAW, and all telephone, cable and Internet providers are bound to comply with the laws concerning disclosure of information. This is also addressed in our Acceptable Use Policy.

OptimumISP will not sell any customer information to any third party.

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