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OptimumISP offers a wide range of e-commerce solutions for your business. Choosing an e-commerce solution for your business has never been easier. OptimumISP offers three distinct e-commerce packages customized for the scale and scope of your project. Simply choose a level that you feel would best accommodate your project, the accessorize your website with modules to enhance the interactivity of your site!

 Product  Description
Basic Website - 10 HTML pages.
- Associated Graphics and content
- One Contact Form
- 3 Look and Feel Concepts to choose from
Level 1 Shopping Cart - Displays products with photos and descriptions
- Support for international orders
- Three tier product breakdowns, from general to specific.
- Dynamic shopping cart that automatically calculates shipping, sales tax and final costs.
- Backend Web Based Administration System for monitoring orders.

Example of a Level 1 :
Level 2 Shopping Cart 

- Includes Level 1 shopping cart and following modules:
- Account Management System
- Featured Products

Example of a Level 2

 Level 3 Shopping Cart 

- Includes Level 1 & 2 Shopping cart and following modules:
- Buying Patterns

- Kits

- Customer Editorials and Rating

- Multiple Pricing Structures

Example of a Level 3 :

Add-On Modules


Account Management System

Stores customer information in database for future purchases. Allows for increased flexibility in product recommendation as well as mailing lists.

Featured Products

Select products to appear in high exposure areas for impulse buying.

Photo/Video Gallery

Thumbnails images or videos for browsing. Requires Level 1 Shopping Cart.

Product Trends/Statistics

Allow customers to view top sellers based on total sales and highest rated items based on customer ratings.  Requires Level 2 Shopping Cart.


Enhance your product line with multimedia presentations of your product, including streaming audio, video, and 3D manipulatable imagery.  Requires Level 1 Shopping Cart.

Buying Patterns

Tracks the buying patterns of customers and offers selections based upon the items they browse and purchase.  Requires Level 2 Shopping Cart.


Combine several products together into a kit (gift box) to be sold as a completely new item.  Requires Level 1 Shopping Cart.

Customer Editorials and Feedback

Allow customer to rate and comment on products purchased.  Requires Level 2 Shopping Cart.

Multiple Pricing Structures

Configure varying pricing structures for your clients. (ie: one version for retail customers, one for wholesalers)  Requires Level 2 Shopping Cart.

Gift Registry

For wedding, birthdays and anniversaries.  Requires Level 2 Shopping Cart.

Associated Products

Associate impulse products with other products suggested at point of purchase. (For eg: Buy a flower, offer a vase and potting soil.)  Requires Level 1 Shopping Cart.

Wish Lists

Save items to your account to purchase later.  Requires Level 2 Shopping Cart.

Shipping Integration

Integrates Shopping Cart with Fedex/UPS/USPS online delivery systems allowing customer to track their order through your site.  Requires Level 2 Shopping Cart.

Java Live Salesperson

Talk to your clients live through a JavaScript instant messager that runs off your website!  Requires Level 2 Shopping Cart.

Classified Ads

Let your customers place classified ads.  Requires Level 2 Shopping Cart.

Tell a Friend

Allows your customer to tell their friends about a product they might be interested in purchasing on your website. System will email the friend with a description of the product and the url to purchase it. 
Requires Level 1 Shopping Cart.


Allow your customers to sell their own goods. Easily integrated into your account and payment system.  Requires Level 2 Shopping Cart.


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